Bryce, Reviewed

September 10th, 2010 by Stacy

I was pleased to provide a guide to one of my favorite places — Bryce Canyon National Park — to our friends over at iRunFar as another entry in their Destination Dirt series. You’re invited to check it out.

And now for a loosely related indulgence…

The photo above was taken at Bryce’s Rainbow Point around the time my back was beginning to “thaw” the last time around. Sometime in June or early July, I think. I could still only muster mellow, rehab-type running at this point and had been completely unable to venture into any high country since the last of the snow had melted. Anyway, the “consolation prize” on this particular weekend was a visit to Kodachrome Basin, so we made the scenic side-trip out to Rainbow on our way there.

What this picture doesn’t show very well is the obvious chagrin I was feeling about being able to look at but not touch Bryce’s backcountry. It’s the kind of chagrin that is a bit more profound for being the cumulative result of weeks or longer on the shelf. I bet you know the feeling. To be honest, another picture taken in this sequence actually does show this mental state very well, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to share it here. I look really, really grouchy.

Another funny coincidence: around this same time, RJ described life at his house during his extended injury woes as becoming Bergmanesque. I hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms and I laughed aloud in recognition. This photo, and especially the one I’m keeping between my wife and me, definitely has a certainĀ Scenes from a Marriage quality. Yikes.


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